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Leovi Joy G. Custodio
Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
Idioms and expressions, speaking, Grammar and Reading
May 16, 2006 Athenaelc
English is the most widely-spoken language in the entire world, that’s why it is known as the International language. As for me, it is a necessity to…
Sir Sev
2001/April 2004 Athena ELC
2004 Athena ELC
St. Paul’s University
Listening, Speaking
January 2006, Athena ELC
.“English is an interesting language. It unites people from different countries. People, especially students may find English difficult at first but …
West Visayas State University
Grammar, Reading, Speaking
2009 Athena ELC
“Teaching English has become widespread because other nationalities who are not native speakers of English or have no background with the language ne…
Grammar, Speaking, Useful Expressions, Writing
2006 Athena ELC
University of San Agustin/Iloilo Doctors College
Grammar, Pronunciation
2007,Jan 2010 Athena
“English is an International language. We get a lot of advantages when we’re good at English. It’s easy to travel and communicate with foreigners, …
T. Kim
Speaking, Expressions, Grammar
December 2003, Athena ELC
“I think English, as a language, if learned, can actually boost one’s confidence. I want to teach English because it is my job and so I have to be r…
T. Rolli
Central Philippine University
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
2008,Korean Shool,2009 Athena
“Teaching English wasn’t my cup of tea before. However, I ended up taking a teaching course and got work in tutorial centers as well. English has op…
T. Carmel
Central Philippine University
Grammar, Reading, Writing, Conversation
2007, WVSU Language Center, 2009,Athena
“English is an art. It is a passion which can mold us into a better person. Though it’s a bit complicated but once you love it, you can say you’re …
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